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Wisconsin Architect E-News Archive: July 2005

Milwaukee Lobbying Ordinance State Budget

On Monday, Governor Doyle signed the $53 billion 2005-07 state biennial budget into law as 2005 Wisconsin Act 25. He used his line-item veto to restore the Smart Growth program and $4 million in funding for local comprehensive planning grants, provide more state aid for local school districts and adjust the "property tax freeze" approved by the Legislature to exempt debt service and TIFs from local levy limits.

Statute of Repose

Good news! A Wisconsin Supreme Court opinion filed on July 1 confirmed that Wisconsin 's Statute of Repose for improvements to real property, Sec. 893.89 Wis. Stat., passes state and federal constitutional muster. Following a multi-year lobbying effort, our Statute of Repose legislation was adopted and signed into law in April 1994. It protects architects and others involved in the design and construction industry from the "long tail" of liability by barring legal action after ten years from the date of substantial completion of a building project.

Intern Development Program

If you have questions about the Intern Development Program (IDP), please contact your Chapter IDP Coordinator via e-mail: Southeast – Russell LaFrombois, AIA ; Southwest – Bill Danuser, Assoc. AIA ; Northeast – Eric Bauman, Assoc. AIA ; and Northwest – Gary Gust, AIA . These coordinators also are available for brown bag lunch presentations on IDP at firms and schools. For information on IDP and related resources, visit the Emerging Professionals Companion (EPC). The latest edition of IDP Mentor Guidelines also is available online.

Next WisBuild

AIA Wisconsin representatives were invited to participate in a Division of State Facilities (DSF) focus group earlier this month to discuss ideas for improving the current WisBuild system. As part of the ACE (Accountability, Consolidation and Efficiencies) initiative, the DSF is working to improve the management of state facilities, re-align the delivery of services and invest in technology solutions. A Web-based survey is being prepared to gather feedback and suggestions from WisBuild users.

Milwaukee & Madison Lobbying Ordinances

The new City of Milwaukee lobbying ordinance became effective on July 1. In Madison , the Common Council Organizational Committee has scheduled a special meeting and public hearing on the City of Madison lobbying ordinance for 4 : 30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13 , in Room 201 of the City-County Building . The Madison lobbying ordinance became effective in 2001 , but was largely ignored until an alderperson filed a large number of complaints this spring. For information on the Madison ordinance and amendments proposed by the City Attorney, please go to: . Architects representing clients in discussions with city officials and department heads and in appearances before city committees and commissions need to understand these two different lobbying ordinances and advise your clients accordingly. (7/8/2005)

Design Awards

AIA Wisconsin will host a review and discussion of the binders submitted for the Design Awards program at 2 : 00 p.m. on July 19 at the Stoner House, the AIA Wisconsin office in Madison . AIA Wisconsin members and staff responsible for assembling entry binders are invited to join Kathy Schnuck, AIA, Co-Chair of the Design Awards Committee, to learn about what jurors are looking for, the benefits of submitting projects and other details about the annual program. Please RSVP to AIA Wisconsin by July 15. (7/8/2005)

Safety & Buildings

According to the Safety and Buildings Division, the commercial buildings plan review application, SBD- 118 , has changed to reflect that plan reviews are being scheduled online. Only commercial plan reviews that are dropped off in an office without scheduling will use the SBD- 118 . Reviews scheduled online will use a filled-out application form received by the submitter from S&B as part of the online process.

Great Lakes Residential Projects

Projects sought for a Rizzoli/Universe book featuring new designs in single-family residential architecture in urban, lake, rural or vacation settings in the Great Lakes states and Canada . Architecture should stand on its own as vernacular, regional, traditional modern, contemporary or innovative. Please send notes of interest only to Linda Leigh Paul for submission guidelines. 7/8/2005)

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