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Design Awards

The Design Awards Committee invites your participation in the 2007 AIA Wisconsin Design Awards program. The deadline for entering your projects is January 19. Entry binders are due by no later than February 15. The 2007 Design Awards will be announced and presented at a special awards celebration on May 16 at Monona Terrace in Madison.

Wisconsin Architects Foundation

The Wisconsin Architects Foundation was founded in 1953 to build a better Wisconsin through architectural education. WAF officers for 2006-07 are: Lawrence Schnuck, AIA, Whitefish Bay, President ; Allyson Nemec, AIA, Milwaukee, Vice President ; and A. James Gersich, AIA, Fitchburg, Secretary/Treasurer . The WAF Board of Directors has approved a scholarship and grant budget of $32,650 for the current fiscal year. Tax-deductible contributions to the WAF by members like you make these valuable WAF scholarship and grant programs possible.

Distinguished Service

At its meeting last month in Lake Geneva, the AIA Wisconsin Board of Directors unanimously approved presenting a Citation for Distinguished Service to the leaders of this fall's successful AIA150 initiative that helped residents of a troubled neighborhood in Madison use the design process to develop a new vision for their community. The following AIA Southwest Wisconsin members will be recognized for their significant contributions next May at the 2007 AIA Wisconsin Convention & Expo: Kelly Thompson-Frater, AIA, Madison , Melissa Destree, AIA, Oregon , Richard Lundeen, AIA, Madison , Thomas Hirsch, AIA, Madison , and Gregory Fischer, AIA, Madison. Congratulations!

Continuing Education

At the request of the Joint Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers and Land Surveyors at the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing, proposed legislation has been drafted that would enable the Architects Section and other Sections of the Joint Board to establish minimum continuing education requirements for individuals renewing their license. AIA Wisconsin supports this initiative; and State Representative Steve Wieckert (R-Appleton) has agreed to introduce the enabling legislation next session. In anticipation of this legislation eventually being signed into law, the Architects Section has started to develop an outline of proposed administrative rules to implement the continuing education requirements. At its meeting this week, Section members reviewed a draft that, among other things, suggested a total of 16 hours of continuing education related to health, safety and welfare issues every two years, exemptions for military service, disability, illness and retirement from practice, record keeping options and random compliance audits. There will be numerous opportunities for the public to comment on the proposed enabling legislation and any proposed rules promulgated by the Architects Section to implement continuing education requirements for license renewal.

Use of the Title "Architect"

Wisconsin Statutes prohibit a person who is not licensed as an architect from not only practicing or offering to practice architecture, but also from using any title or description tending to convey the impression to the public that they are an architect. Section 443.02(3) states that: "No person may . . . use in connection with the person's name or otherwise assume, use or advertise any title or description tending to convey the impression that he or she is an architect . . . unless the person has been duly registered . . ."

UW System Titles

Earlier this year, AIA Wisconsin asked the University of Wisconsin System to review the use of "architect" in titles for academic staff positions that do not require the individual to be credentialed as an architect. It was noted that Chapter 443 does not contain an exemption for individuals employed by the state or university. A representative of the Office of Human Resources responded that the UW System does "have a few Facilities Architects who are not registered with the Department of Regulation and Licensing" and that "[o]ur plan is to reinforce the language in our Facilities Architect title definition to include a requirement of registration as an Architect with the State Department of Regulation and Licensing in order to assume a position with this title."

Intern Title

According to state administrative rule A-E 3.03(5), which became effective on June 1, 2003, individuals acquiring supervised experience in architectural work to become licensed as an architect in Wisconsin may use the title "architectural intern." Firms and interns are encouraged to make sure that titles used on business cards and in other marketing materials comply with state statutes and related administrative rules. Only registered architects may use the title "architect." Titles for interns other than "architectural intern" that include "architect" or "architectural," such as "intern architect," "architectural designer" or "architectural technician," are prohibited by state law.

Certificate of Authorization

Section 443.08(5 ) of the Wisconsin Statutes states that: "No firm, partnership or corporation may engage in the practice of or offer to practice architecture . . . in this state, or use in connection with its name or otherwise assume, use or advertise any title or description tending to convey the impression that it is engaged in the practice of architecture . . . nor may it advertise or offer to furnish architectural . . . services unless the firm, partnership or corporation has compiled with this chapter" . . . which requires that it have a certificate of authorization from the Department of Regulation and Licensing. To qualify for such a certificate, the firm, partnership or corporation must have a registered architect in its employment.

Aiding or Abetting Unlicensed Practice

Section 443.11(1) authorizes the Joint Board to discipline an architect found guilty of "[s]igning or impressing his or her seal or stamp upon documents not prepared by him or her" or "[k]nowingly aiding or abetting the unauthorized practice of architecture . . . by persons not registered under this chapter." In addition, section 443.17 states that: "No person who is registered under this chapter to practice architecture . . . may impress his or her seal or stamp upon documents which have not been prepared by the person or under his or her direction and control . . . or in any other manner knowingly aid or abet the unauthorized practice of architecture . . . by person not authorized under this chapter."

Branch Offices

State administrative rules A—E 2.03 relating to "branch offices" include the following provisions: "Every firm maintaining one or more places of business in Wisconsin shall have . . . a resident architect in each separate business location which provides or offers to provide architectural services" and that a "resident may not be in charge of or responsible for services offered or provided from more than one business location." These administrative rules have the same force of law as state statutes.

AIA Wisconsin Convention & Expo

Reserve May 16 & 17 for the 2007 AIA Wisconsin Convention & Expo at Monona Terrace in Madison . An outstanding program of keynote presentations, seminar sessions, product and service displays and other special events is being assembled by this year's Convention Committee, which is chaired by Rob Wheat, AIA, Monroe. Watch your inbox and mailbox for Convention & Expo program details and registration materials.

State Awards Program

The Division of State Facilities (DSF) is accepting nominations for its sixteenth annual Awards Program, which recognizes individuals and companies for excellence in the design, construction and service of state buildings. The deadline for nominations is 12/15/06 . For additional information about the Awards Program, contact Ron Krohn at (608) 266-8874.

People and Places

Gregory J. Meyer, AIA, Milwaukee , has advanced his membership to AIA architect and George E. Mangan Jr., AIA, Sister Bay , has been approved for Emeritus membership in The American Institute of Architects. Congratulations! R. Barry Swedeen, AIA, Madison has joined Durrant as a principal. Jay A. Knetter, AIA, Brookfield , has been appointed to head a new studio with Zimmerman Architectural Studios. Kahler Slater has been named one of the Top 20 Architecture Firms to Work for in America by ZweigWhite; the firm ranked number ten. Martinson Architects, Inc., has moved to 405 Cardinal Ln. , Green Bay , phone, (920) 432-2442.

In late September, AIA Wisconsin members Douglas N. Kozel, AIA, Madison, Diana L. Dorschner, AIA, Madison, and Doug R. Hursh, AIA, Middleton, with the help of Design Awards Committee Co-Chair Mark J. Kruser, AIA, Middleton, scoured the projects submitted for the AIA Indiana Design Awards program. Sworn to secrecy, the Wisconsin-based jury encourages interested individuals to watch the AIA Indiana website for the announcement of the winners:

Member Action

Please welcome the following new members who joined AIA Wisconsin between September 16 and November 10, 2006: Chris Anderson, Student (NW), Randy Borek, Student (NW), Peter R. Brockman, Assoc. AIA (SW), Danielle Daehling, Student (SW), Travis DeGolier, Student (NW), Dustin Eckert, Student (NW), Mary K. Edwards, Assoc. AIA (SE), Matthew S. Edwards, Assoc. AIA (SE), Paul Ferron, Student (NW), Bryan S. Fraser, Assoc. AIA (SW), Anna Fultz, Int'l Assoc AIA (NE), Ashley Glaser, Student (SW), Blake Herpst, Student (NW), Jason Hoard, Student (NW), Stephen L. Jeske, AIA (SW), Jason Leffingwell, Student (SE), Alan Levine, Professional Affiliate (SE), Dustin Lundmark, Student (NW), Michael J. McKnight, Assoc. AIA (SW), Nathaniel Meinen, Student (NW), Roger D. Meintz, AIA (SE), Michael Norris, Student (SE), Benjamin Scherg, Professional Affiliate (NE), Richard Schmidt, Student (NW), Anthony G. Schraufnagel, Assoc. AIA (NE), Eric Stanford, Student (NW), Mark Straub, Professional Affiliate (SW), and Marcus J. Zettler, Assoc. AIA (NW).

The Last Word

"BIM and Integrated Design are a new way of thinking – a new process . . . In thinking about this difference between technology performance and human performance, the comparison that arose in my mind was the difference between craft and art. Pure craft is totally predictable . . . you follow directions and you get the picture on the box . . . Art takes the craft function and adds the human spirit . . . I encourage all of us to embrace these new found craft tools to aid us in creating truly great building art . . . " [David Haley, AIA, State Chief Architect, DSF Consultants Conference, ACEC of Wisconsin, November 2006]

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