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E-News: June 2014

In this issue of the AIA Wisconsin e-newsletter, you’ll find information on Fall Workshop, volunteer leadership opportunities, member satisfaction survey, continuing education requirements, upcoming AIA/CES programs and more.

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Fall Workshop – November 7
Please save the date for the 2014 AIA Wisconsin Fall Workshop . . . Friday, November 7, at the American Club in Kohler. This year’s full-day practice-oriented workshop will focus on water and its impact on architecture.

Director-At-Large Candidates
If you are interested in helping to shape AIA Wisconsin policies and programs, please consider tossing your hat in the ring as a candidate for Director-At-Large. Two Directors-At-Large will be elected by the membership this fall to a two-year term beginning January 2015. There also are many valuable leadership opportunities with your local AIA Chapter. For further information, contact the AIA Wisconsin office.

Commercial Building Code Council
In April, legislation was signed into law [2013 Wisconsin Act 270] that establishes a Uniform Commercial Building Code (UCBC). Previously, the Wisconsin Commercial Building Code set minimum requirements, with municipalities allowed to adopt local ordinances with more restrictive requirements for commercial buildings. The state now is required to maintain information on existing local ordinances, enacted before May 1, 2013, that are more restrictive than the state building code. The new law also creates a ten-member Building Code Council to review the code and make recommendations to the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) for updating the UCBC. Council members are appointed for three-year terms and include:  “Two members representing architects, engineers, and designers, each of whom is actively engaged in the design or evaluation of public buildings and buildings that are places of employment.” The governor’s office has informed AIA Wisconsin that applications are now being accepted for appointment to the new Commercial Building Code Council. To apply online, here’s link to Governor’s “Apply to Serve Wisconsin” webpage

Member Satisfaction Survey – Coming Soon
You will be receiving an electronic Member Satisfaction Survey from AIA Wisconsin. Please look for it in your inbox because your participation is important. The Board of Directors and local Chapter leaders will utilize the results of the survey as part of the annual long-range planning session this summer. AIA Wisconsin conducts this member survey every other year. Two years ago, 16% of the membership participated. While this is an outstanding response rate, the goal is to have even more members participate in this year’s survey. If you have any questions about the membership survey, please contact the AIA Wisconsin office. Thank you.

State Continuing Education Requirements
When you renew your Wisconsin license by July 31, you will need to have earned at least 24 hours of continuing education during the prior two year period, including 16 hours related to health, safety and welfare topics. The AIA is listed as an approved provider of continuing education programs; and AIA members can use their AIA/CES transcript to document continuing education hours. To review state license renewal requirements, go to: Wisconsin Continuing Education Requirements

State Licensing Requirements: Interactive Map
Stay on top of the licensing requirement with the interactive map showing mandatory continuing education requirements for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This resource will be very helpful if you are licensed in multiple states. 

Learning Opportunities
AIA Wisconsin offers learning opportunities throughout the year. Working with AIA/CES providers and local Chapters, events are offered throughout the state. Other opportunities include distance learning [AIA Virtual Convention, aecKnowledge and more].

New State Law – Licensing Exams
New state statutory provisions adopted as part of 2013 Wisconsin Act 114 prohibit the Department of Safety and Professional Services and its credentialing boards from requiring a person to complete any postsecondary education before being eligible to take a licensing examination. At its meeting in April, the Joint Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers and Land Surveyors approved a scope statement to allow DSPS attorneys to develop proposed amendments to current state administrative rules related to exams for architects, professional engineers, landscape architects and land surveyors to bring them into compliance with the new state law. Under the new law, persons are eligible to begin taking the ARE and other state-required licensing exams as soon as they graduate from high school. According to existing state administrative rules, in A-E 3.05(2), a candidate is able to apply to begin taking the ARE when they have completed all but one year of the required qualifying architectural experience . . . or upon graduation if they have a NAAB-accredited degree and a NCARB record.

Use of the Title "Architect"
Wisconsin Statutes prohibit a person who is not licensed as an architect from not only practicing or offering to practice architecture, but also from using any title or description tending to convey the impression to the public that they are an architect. Section 443.02(3) states that: "No person may . . . use in connection with the person's name or otherwise assume, use or advertise any title or description tending to convey the impression that he or she is an architect . . . unless the person has been duly registered . . ."

Intern Title – “Architectural Intern”
According to state administrative rule A-E 3.03(5), which became effective on June 1, 2003, individuals acquiring supervised experience in architectural work to become licensed as an architect in Wisconsin may use the title "architectural intern." Firms and interns are encouraged to make sure that titles used on business cards and in other marketing materials comply with state statutes and related administrative rules. Only registered architects may use the title "architect." Titles for interns other than "architectural intern" that include "architect" or "architectural," such as "intern architect," "architectural designer" or "architectural technician," are prohibited by state law.

ARE Lending Library – Associate AIA Members
AIA Wisconsin has established a lending library of Architect Registration Examination (ARE) study materials from Kaplan AEC Education that cover all sections of the ARE exam. The study guides are available to Associate AIA members and can be checked out of the office for a period of 14 days. For details, read the ARE Lending Library Policies. Contact AIA Wisconsin to confirm availability.

E-News – Back Issues
If you think you may have missed something important in a previous AIA Wisconsin e-newsletter, you can scroll through back issues available on the AIA Wisconsin website. Try it and you may be surprised by what else you discover.

Architect’s Handbook – Selected Chapters
As an AIA member, you now have an exclusive opportunity to purchase selected chapters of the new Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice for your computer or mobile device. Authored by the AIA, this indispensable resource covers all aspects of architectural practice, including legal, financial, marketing, management and administrative issues. Content in the 15th edition is significantly revised to reflect the changing nature of the business of architecture related to the impact of integrated practice. For details visit the AIA Store

AIA Convention Delegates – Chicago
If you're going to Chicago for the AIA Convention on June 26–28, please contact AIA Wisconsin about being an official delegate for your local chapter.

UWM SARUP & Architects in Schools
To increase engagement with middle and high school students exploring architecture as a career, Erica Chappelear has joined the School of Architecture & Urban Planning at UW-Milwaukee as a Recruiting Advisor. She is interested in connecting and collaborating with AIA Wisconsin members who are visiting schools to talk with teachers and students about architecture. Please let her know about the schools you visit and to request materials about SARUP’s programs and current employment statistics. You can contact Erica by phone or email at 414-229-4148 or This is a great opportunity for AIA Wisconsin members and UWM SARUP to work together for the benefit of the profession.

People & Places
Tate Walker, AIA, Madison, has joined OPN Architects-Madison. The Speakers Committee of the International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference, (ITEAC) invited Scott F. Georgeson, FAIA, Milwaukee, to present at ITEAC 2014 in London. 

Membership Action
The following new members have joined in the last month: Laura Bresnahan, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee (SE); Kurt E. Davis, AIA, Sheboygan (NE); Adam M. Fredendall, Assoc. AIA, Madison (SW); Kathryn E. Kamm, AIA, Shorewood (SE); Sara Lepich, Assoc. AIA, Port Washington (SE); Karol Y. Perez, Assoc. AIA, Milwaukee (SE); Zachary D. Rasmussen, AIA, New Berlin (SE); Timothy A. Ruppert, AIA, Onalaska (NW); and Craig D. Weisensel, AIA, Madison (SW). Welcome!

The Last Word
“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” [Chinese proverb]



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