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Professional Member

The Professional Affiliate membership category was created to promote communication among all members of the design and construction team. Professional Affiliate members include engineers, planners, landscape architects, sculptors, muralists and artists, as well as individuals in government, education, journalism, manufacturing, industry and other fields allied to architecture.

Who Can Apply?

Professional Affiliate membership is available to individuals not otherwise eligible for membership in The American Institute of Architects. It is a state membership similar to the national AIA individual Allied membership. AIA Wisconsin Professional Affiliate Membership does not include National membership benefits. AIA Wisconsin’s Professional Affiliate Membership includes membership at the state and local levels. Professional Affiliate members share in AIA Wisconsin resources, programs, services and activities, establishing relationships with architects that go beyond sales and specifications.

Professional Affiliate members share the same AIA Wisconsin programs, services and activities as AIA Architect and Associate AIA members. "Share" is the key word because, as a Professional Affiliate member, you will learn from architects as much as they will learn from you about your services and concerns.

Member Benefits

Join and take advantage of the many programs and services and benefits provided by AIA Wisconsin such as:

AIA Contract Documents

AIA Contract Documents are recognized as the industry standard. Members receive a discount of 25% off the purchase of paper AIA Contract documents.

AIA Educational Programs

AIA Wisconsin is committed to offering quality continuing education and professional development programs to help members achieve their career goals. The AIA Wisconsin Convention and Fall Workshop are two annual programs that address emerging design and practice issues. The local AIA Chapters also offer programs for members throughout the year. You can visit our calendar of upcoming educational programs and other events. Members benefit from reduced registration fees for these programs.

AIA Local Chapters

Chapters are your opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals to learn, collaborate, and share ideas in areas of professional interest. Increase your understanding of a specific area of the profession, from sustainable green design to technology in practice. Gain access to in-depth information, services, knowledge, and career needs for your particular areas of architecture practice.

AIA Publications

Keep up-to-date with the profession’s trends and issues through our monthly e-newsletter, Wisconsin Architect E-News and your Local Chapter events announcements.

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