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Architects In Schools Program

StudentsThe "Architects in Schools" program was created to encourage greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of Architecture and our built environment.

As a teacher, the program helps you make connections with architects in your own community who can assist you in developing lesson plans and learning activities that will introduce your students to important ideas and concepts through Architecture. It is offered as a community service by members of AIA Wisconsin, the state society of The American Institute of Architects.

Discovering Architecture In Many Places!

Architecture often is described as a combination of Art and Science; so it's a natural component for these two subjects. Architecture also can be used effectively as part of the curriculum for other subjects, such as History, Social Studies, Language Arts and Math.


The following are a few examples:

History/Social Studies

  • Development of architectural styles
  • Growth of a community
  • Influence of culture
  • Influence of geography


  • Proportions of architecture
  • Geometric shapes
  • Scale and units of measure

Visual Arts

  • Texture
  • Patterns
  • Cultural qualities
  • Color
  • Styles
  • Aesthetic perception


  • Structures, spans, loads and foundations
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Color applications
  • Thermal gain and loss
  • Application of technology in buildings
  • Ergonomics and the design of work stations and furniture
  • Traffic flows in and around buildings

Language Arts

  • Narratives about how certain buildings, rooms or spaces affect you
  • Descriptions of specific buildings, what they look like and how they are used
  • Development of a new vocabulary

Architect So, do you think you have what it takes to be an architect? Visit NCARB and explore more!

K-12 Opportunities to Learn about Architecture

The Architects in Schools Committee has gathered a few tools to help teachers and architects begin the discussion about Community design and architecture. Click here

Planning for a Career in Architecture

AIA Wisconsin members are available for “Career Days” and other programs. AIA Wisconsin has handout materials for students who may be interested in becoming architects. For example, Careers in Architecture highlights career options and outlines education, experience and examination requirements. In addition, a PowerPoint presentation on “A Student’s Pathway to Architecture” reviews the steps involved in becoming an architect. More info

Architects in Schools . . . in the newspaper!  Sauk Prairie (7-09)  Sun Prairie (4-09)  Waunakee (6-09)

DiscoverDesign: A Student Design Experience

DiscoverDesign is a free web-based learning tool for teens created by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  It empowers teens to gain architectural skills, learn green design principles, engage in problem solving, and connect to an online community of their peers, their teachers and design professionals around the world. It’s ideal for use in Career and Tech Ed classes and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) courses.  Educators in art and science also find DiscoverDesign to be rigorous and relevant for their cross-disciplinary project-based learning. AIA Wisconsin architects will be working with the Chicago Architects Foundation mentoring students. Sign up to have students participate in this Spring design solution competition.

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