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GraduateThe Wisconsin Architect Foundation (WAF) remains uniquely positioned to provide financial assistance for architecture students and educational programs. Continued support of the WAF’s mission of advancing architectural education and public awareness is vital to its successful scholarship and grant programs.

WAF grants also are available to support quality continuing education programs provided by the four local AIA Chapters and other organizations in Wisconsin. These grants are awarded on a competitive basis.

Wisconsin Architects Foundation Scholarship Funds

Johnson Memorial Scholarship

This WAF scholarship is awarded to students who exhibit design excellence and the highest order of graphic talent along with all-around academic achievement.

Hunzinger Memorial Scholarship

This annual WAF scholarship is awarded to architectural students who exhibit the highest order of academic and construction technology skills.

Milwaukee Chapter CSI Scholarship

A special Milwaukee Chapter CSI Memorial Scholarship was established in 1997-98 in recognition of the generous support received by the WAF from the Milwaukee Chapter CSI over the years.

State Capitol Display Fund

A beautiful and educational display designed by James T. Potter, AIA, and featuring his photographs of the Wisconsin State Capitol premiered at the 1997 AIA Wisconsin Convention and is now available for use throughout the state. The WAF State Capitol Display was made possible by the generous contributions and support received from J. P. Cullen & Sons and James T. Potter, AIA.

AIA Southwest Wisconsin Universal Design Scholarship

In 1993, AIA Southwest Wisconsin established an endowment with the WAF to provide scholarship assistance to visual, hearing or otherwise physically disabled architecture students or students with a particular interest and ability in accessible design in a graduate program.

William M. Babcock, Hon. AIA, Sesquicentennial Garden Fund

Established in 2006 to honor the 150th anniversaries of the historic Joseph J. Stoner House (2006) and The American Institute of Architects (2007), this fund is to be used for a Sesquicentennial Garden named for long-time WAF and AIA Wisconsin Executive Director William M. Babcock, Hon. AIA (1986 - ).


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